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DJ Sav One is an artist manager, representing Eternia, Supastition & Hasan Salaam. He is also a DJ, publicist, writer, and all around hip-hop enthusiast. @DJ_Sav_One.
FreeOfStyle Mixtape (35 Tracks)
This site will provide you 35 different tracks of mixtape all free of style.
DJ Dyllemma is a DJ lover also a big Producer living in Brooklyn, NY.He is having lost's of information about DJ. For more info on DJ Dyllemma, follow him @DJDyllemmaRadio.
This site will provide you 1 long mixtape that is non-stop hearing.

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TheUnderGroundComeUp: 90's Edition

01. FreeOfStyle Intro 01:02

02. Lord Finesse Freestyle 01:11

03. Pete Rock Freestyle 01:25

04. Nas Freestyle 01:09

05. M.O.P. Freestyle 01:26

06. Method Man Freestyle 01:16

07.El Topo02:05

Follow DJ Dyllemma. FreeOfStyle Mixtape track:

1.Col. Troutman01:47


3.Cop Knock01:30

4.Can't You See?01:21

5.B.O.B. Rozay01:33


7.Happy Little Trees01:35

8.Brown Betty02:07


                First results are coming in, follow this blog with the latest results! We will update this blog every minute with the latest results.

     Who is the most popular DJ of all time? That is the question on everybody's mind and that is why we at DBW decided to take a look at the DJ Mag      results over the years to really find out who is who in DJ land. It's also a homage to all the pioneers that paved the way for all the new DJ's that are      currently on top. It's easy to forget who were the heroes of yesterday and who were doing it big before internet took over and before the big EDM hype      exploded. We analyzed all the DJ Mag Top 100 results from 1997 till 2013. What were the dominating genres, who were the DJ's with the best positions?      Find it all out in our special blog series updated everyday till we reach that infamous number one spot that will surprise us all!Update: 2013 added.      Special update for all those around the world that are curious about how DJ Mag's 2013 poll has affected the overall all time DJ ranking.

     Top 100 Most Popular DJs Of All Time list sparks controversy

     Wow! Our Top 100 most popular DJs of all time list certainly sparked a lot of controversy.

     Nevertheless the data is based on all the DJ Mag Top 100 polls so far, so it might not be 'official' it's still just as relevant, because it is calculated via their      actual data. It is not based on new votes or opinion.

     The top Trance DJ's in the world list started out as a top 10 Trance DJ list a while back but we thought it would be nice to expand it a bit to a top 20.      Especially as some were discussing the list was not complete.

Sav one

     DJ Sav One's orignal name is Graig 'Sav' Stanton.He is a DJ, artist manager and media specialist from New York.Founder of The NewPrint media &     management company, which represents Eternia, Supastition, and Hasan Salaam. If you want to know more visit his website at thenewprint.org,      music.thenewprint.org, Twitter.

     Dj dyllemma & dj sav one came up in 09.
     DJ Dyllemma & DJ Sav One put together over 65 tracks from some of their favorite MCs, who were either on the come-up or established MCs still putting      out quality hip-hop in 09. For the people who feel like there werent enough solid releases last year, this mix should fill in the gaps for some of the tracks      you may have overlooked.


DJ Sav One is an artist manager, representing Eternia, Supastition & Hasan Salaam. He is also a DJ, publicist, writer, and all around hip-hop enthusiast. @DJ_Sav_One

DJ Dyllemma is a DJ / Producer living in Brooklyn, NY. For more info on DJ Dyllemma, follow him @DJDyllemmaRadio
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